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Donation Promo!

Empire Classic is currently doing Donation Promo!

[Image: ecro-logo.png]

Donation Promo is here!
Grab your extra RoK Points and some exclusive items in-game!

Here are the information that you should know:
  • 10% more RoK Points!
  • For every 5,000 RoK Points, you will get 3x Costume Tickets
  • For every 7,500 RoK Points, you will get 1x Halter Lead
  • For every 10,000 RoK Points, you will get 1x Visor Scroll and 1x Job Ticket
  • For every 15,000 RoK Points, you will get 1x Aura Box and 1x Aura Coupon

Every donation will go straight to our server financial fundings. Thank you for supporting ecRO and have fun!
Donation Promo will expire on June 1, 2022 (12am / +8GMT)
[Image: donation-promo.png]

Empire Staff


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