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@mobarena : Displays the duration and cooldown of the player's access for the Monster Arena.
[b]Getting Started![/b]
  • In order to join the Alliance, the player must enter their headquarters.
  • The player can access the Alliance Headquarters by talking to Alliance Commander at Prontera (prontera 161 148)
  • Upon entering the headquarters, the player must donate 1,000,000,000 Z [b](1B) [/b]to support them for their battle efforts. [b]This is a one-time initial payment.[/b]
  • Thereafter, every time the player, who already paid the initial payment, wants to re-enter the Monster Arena, they need to donate 25,000,000 Z [b](25M)[/b].
  • The instance/event lasts for a fixed 3 hours.
  • Thereafter, it will cool down for 30 minutes before the same player may be able to re-enter.
[b]Entering the Monster Arena[/b]
  • The Monster Arena consists of three (3) levels.

    • The first level can be accessed by anyone who donated for the Alliance.
    • The second level can be accessed by a party. The party must have at least five (5) online members from the first level.
    • The third level can be accessed by a guild. The guild must have at least 10 online members from the second level. (The guild members are not required to be in the same party to proceed.)
[b]Gathering Monster Arena Points[/b]
  • Note : The player will not receive any shared Monster Arena Points from the party/guild when they are dead or idled for 30 seconds.

    • There are two (2) ways to gather points inside the Monster Arena.

      • Killing the monsters inside
      • Rescuing a fellow alliance member [b](NPC RESCUE)[/b]
    • For every level, there are different modes of point gathering.
      • [b]Monster Arena F1[/b]
        • Every time a player kills a monster on this level, they can gather zero (0) to one (1) Arena Points.
        • Every time a player rescues a fellow alliance member on this level, they can gather 1~2 Arena Points.
      • [b]Monster Arena F2[/b]
        • Every time a player kills a monster on this level, they can gather 1~3 Arena Points.

          • A random party member will receive 1~3 Arena Points as well.
        • Every time a player rescues a fellow alliance member on this level, they can gather 1~3 Arena Points.

          • A random party member will receive 1~3 Arena Points as well.
      • [b]Monster Arena F3[/b]
        • Every time a player kills a monster on this level, they can gather 2~4 Arena Points.

          • A random guild member will receive 2~4 Arena Points as well.
        • Every time a player rescues a fellow alliance member on this level, they can gather 2~4 Arena Points.

          • A random party guild will receive 2~4 Arena Points as well.
[b]Exchanging Monster Arena Points to Monster Arena Badge[/b]
  • For every 10 Arena Points, you can obtain an Arena Badge.
  • The player can exchange those points from the Alliance Captain in the Headquarters.
    ○  1st Floor 
            ■  Cyathigera, Amphimallus, Rhizotrogus, Caccobius, Anisoplia
    ○   2nd Floor

            ■  Enraged Amphimallus, Enraged Homalophia, Enraged Caccobius, Enraged Maldera, Enraged Cyathigera,
                             Enraged Serica
    ○    3rd Floor

            ■   ( Note: 2nd floor and 3rd floor has same name but much stronger )

[/b]Lightsaber cap      500p
   ■  Domino Hat          2,500p

   ■  Danzo Bandage     3,500p
   ■  Tobi Mask             4,500p
   ■  Vampire Wings      4,500p
   ■  Hollow Mask         5,000p

   ■  Invoker Cape        5,500p


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