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Treasure Hunt Event

Good Day to our dearest players!
To celebrate our 1st month celebration of Empire Classic, I created an event that will test your hunting ability.
Event Duration:
May 25 , 2022 - June 15, 2022 , 11:59 PM GMT+08 
 Farm and Collect the following materials and trade it to "Event GM" to receive your desired prizes!
In-Game Name / Character:
We will also check your accounts on our database to verify. We will also require you to trade/submit the materials on us.
How to claim prize?, pm AllyKaly in discord "Allykaly #1340"
SET 1 Materials:
40x Queen's Hair Ornament
40x Mother's Nightmare
5x Level 10 Cookbook
499x Assaulter Card
499x Ora Ora
499x Reins
10x Emperium Anvil
Prize: 1x Golden Thiefbug Card, 3B Zenny/300 Credits (3 Winners)
Set 2 Materials:
499x Marin Card
499x Phen Card
50x Mother's Nightmare
10x Level 10 Cookbook
499x Golden Ornament
499x Lava Golem Card
499x Glitter Shell
99x Baphomet Card
25x Emperium Anvil
Prize: 1x Amon Ra Card, 5B Zenny/500 Credits, 3x Costume Tickets (3 Winners)
Set 3 Materials:
10000x Rotten Bandage
99x Pharaoh Card
499x Sharp Paper
250x Slick paper
199x Caterpillar Card
60x Mother's Nightmare
15x Level 10 Cookbook
150x Megalith Card
999x Clam Flesh
40x Emperium Anvil
Prize: 1x Tao Gunka Card, 7.5B Zenny/750 Credits, 5x Costume Tickets (3 Winners)
Bonus Set 1
Bring me +10 Boots [1] and 50pcs Emperium Anvil
Prize: 10B Zenny/1000 Credits + 1x Costume Ticket (3 Winners)
Bring me +10 Tidal Shoes, +10 Wool Scarf, +10 Shield of Naga, 1x Icarus Wings, 100x Cobaltblue Dyestuffs, 5 Valhalla's Flower, 50x Emperium Anvil
Prize: +0 Valkyrie part of your choice(Armor, Shield, Manteau, Shoes). Except for Valkyrie Helm & Nile Rose. (3 Winners)
Scavenger Hunt
Prize SET 1: 1x Golden Thiefbug Card, 3B Zenny/300 Credits (3 Winners)
1. SlotMachine
2. Fake Whitesmith
3. Filo
Prize SET 2: 1x Amon Ra Card, 5B Zenny/500 Credits, 3x Costume Tickets (3 Winners)
1. empty
2. empty
3. empty
Prize SET 3: 1x Tao Gunka Card, 7.5B Zenny/750 Credits, 5x Costume Tickets (3 Winners)
1. WS Pochongo
2. empty
3. empty
Prize BONUS SET 1: 10B Zenny/1000 Credits + 1x Costume Ticket (3 Winners)
1. empty
2. empty
3. empty
SPECIAL PRIZE: +0 Valkyrie part of your choice(Armor, Shield, Manteau, Shoes) Choose only 1.. Except for Valkyrie Helm & Nile Rose. (3 Winners)
1. empty
2. empty
3. empty

IGN: Fake Whitesmith / Whitesmith
Set : 1


[Image: cxNzPwd]

IGN: WS Pochongo / Whitesmith
Set : 1


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