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Donation Promo!

Hello, Padawans!

To express our appreciation for your continued support in Empire Classic even throughout the difficult times, we are giving Donation Promo Crates per TOP UP!
Your support means so much to us and the community. We would like to thank everyone for the continued support!

[Image: donation-promo070222.jpg]

PROMO DURATION: Until August 31, 2022
How to donate? Please visit

Donation Promo List:

If you reach $20, you will choose 1 of the following.
  • Diabolus Shoes
  • Diabolus Shield
  • Halter Lead
  • 3x Costume Tickets
  • 40x Credits
  • 2x Donation Tickets

If you reach $50, you will choose 1 of the following.
  • Diabolus Wings
  • Diabolus Halo
  • Diabolus Armor
  • Diabolus Robe
  • Color Nick Name Potion
  • Job Ticket
  • Aura Coupon
  • 100x Credits
  • 5x Donation Tickets

If you reach $75, you will choose 1 of the following.
  • Pick your +10 Icarus Weapons
  • Emperor's Visor
  • Designer's Collection Box
  • Aura Box Lower
  • Visor Scroll
  • 150x Credits
  • 7x Donation Tickets

If you reach $100, you will choose 1 of the following.
  • Choose 1 instant +7 Refine Ticket (Armor, Garment, Shoes, Upper Headgear, Left & Right Hand)
  • 200x Credits
  • 10x Donation Tickets

NOTE: All Donation will be reinvested back into server from advertisements to new feature and future updates.

So is it for each tier we do? Or in total? Like if I donated $100.00 USD all at once do I get the $20, $50, $75 and $100 Crate all at once? Or do I have to choose which tier crate I would receive for the $100.00?


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